Durga Puja Fashion Trends

It’s autumn and time to celebrate Durga Puja in West Bengal. The festival brings in the latest fashion trends for men, women and forms kids where everyone loves to explore a new identity with an exceptional Durga puja fashion. This year there is a trend of fusing filmy and non-filmy dresses with matching accessories. Every person follows the tradition of Durga Puja and it’s exciting to have new clothes wearing which they welcome Ma Durga.

Girls’ Dressing Style       

Durga Puja is a festival, especially for women and kids. Teenage girls love wearing colorful dresses. Western outfits with vibrant color combinations are the best options for them and they flaunt a stylish look. According to modern trends, low waist boot cut jeans, patterned jeans, spaghetti, cotton leggings etc are in high demand. On the other hand, the young girls opt for A-line tops, shrugs in chrochet, tops with plunging necklines etc.

Men’s Dressing Style

Young boys love to have the full and half sleeve shirts, which comes up as a recent fashion trend. Shirts with multiple pockets are another nice option for young men and boys flaunting a casual style on this Durga Puja. Men and boys who want to get a simple look usually get the colorful and printed T-shirts, which are stylish as well as comfortable. Shirts with patch works also serve as a casual piece of cloth revealing a new type of fashion for men and boys.

Women’s Dressing Style

Usually married women prefer sarees like Dhakai Jamdani, Kantha Stitch, handloom, tant etc. They wear big red bindis on their forehand with vermillion that gives them a pure Bengali look. Unmarried women who love to explore that traditional look love to wear anarkali salwar suits with beautiful printed works. Along with the dresses they wear matching accessories and jewelry adding extra beauty revealing the ultimate feminism.

Finally, everyone gets ready to celebrate Durga Puja exploring the real happiness. It’s high time to buy the great fashionable dresses and store owners are busy now handling large crowds. So, Durga Puja fashion comes up with all excellent options making your dreams come true.

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