Durga Puja

Durga Puja in West Bengal is a traditional festival, which is celebrated in the month of October in Bengali during Ashwin mash when Ma arrives on Earth with her four children.

The festival is celebrated for four days, which starts as Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Dashami. Every Bengali waits for this special occasion when they spend some nice moments with their family and friends.

Durga Puja In West Bengal

There is a trend to wear new dresses, and the children visit the pandals holding the hands of their parents. It’s really an amazing scene where a whole family celebrates forgetting all the stress in life.

It represents Bengali culture and tradition in a new way, and one can see people coming onto roads making the celebrating really a charming one. The Fiesta has rejoiced with the utmost composure, and jollity and a person coming from outside Bengal would realize the importance of this festival making the City of Joy full of true colors of joy and ecstasy.

Theme of Durga Puja

The pandals reveal unique themes with Ma Durga are being created with the real touch of innovation. This brings in the true charm of Durga Puja in Bengal, which even crosses the border uniting the people of Bangladesh with the true happiness.

History of Durga Puja

The day is also referred to as the time when Lord Rama started his incantation of Goddess Durga as he was preparing for the war against Ravana. It’s said that Lord Rama enlightened the place with 108 lamps and 108 blue lotuses worshipping The Goddess with full dedication. This comes out as the most popular history of Durga Puja, which is more characterized as a fairy tale, which the kids love to hear.

Durga Puja first started in 16th century AD where the rich landlords of Malda and Dinajpur district celebrated Durga Puja for the first time. With time the puja was recognized as Barowari Puja after twelve friends from Guptipara in Bengal arranged the puja together.

In 1790 this came out as the barware puja, and the trend continues still now. In Kolkata, the Barowari puja was first initiated by Raja Harinath of Cossimbazar in 1832.

Little by little in 1910, the collective form of Durga Puja got the famous view as Sarbojonin Durga Puja where people from all across the World can take part.

In this way, Durga Puja today spreads all over the World where people irrespective of cast, creed, and religion can pray in front of Goddess Durga.

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