Health Benefits of Green Tea

Do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle? Say good morning with a cup of green tea that would help you to stay refreshed all the day and thus you can find the health benefits of green tea. It has the origin in China and is used for various medicinal purposes. Green tea has good popularity in Asia. People love to have this drink, which improves their health in a natural way. Compared to black tea this is more beneficial since it’s not the fermented product. The poly-phenol components are present in green tea extract and it takes good care of your health. Thus, you can get familiar with the ideal health benefits of green tea.

Benefits of Green Tea

Here are mentioned the green tea powder benefits that help you to enjoy life once again:

Prevents Cancer

A survey on 70,000 women reveals that consuming green tea on a regular basis reduces the risk of cancer by 57%. It reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 48%. Alongside, it’s helpful for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. In this way, a person can explore the true happiness in life and green tea plays the leading role here.

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Burn Fat and Stay Fit

Are you facing difficulties to lose weight? This green tea can help you then. According to a study, consuming catechins continuously helps both men and women to control the cholesterol level. Also, it helps in managing the blood pressure level and you don’t have to change your diet, which may be really difficult. So, you can understand the utilities of green tea for weight loss that gives your life a new start.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression and stress then green tea can give you the miraculous results. It helps you to fight the depression symptoms and thus you can improve the overall quality of life. In addition, you can realize it lowers the psychological stress that makes you feel confident. You can enjoy a great cup of green tea with lemon in the morning or in the evening, which suits you knowing the health benefits of green tea.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

People who drink green tea regularly lower the risk of heart diseases by 20-30%. A healthy heart is always important to lead a better way of life. So, this is a useful feature of green tea helping a person to live longer protecting the most sympathetic organ in the body. Along with this, you also need to follow a healthy diet and exercise schedule for best results in real time.

Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a wide-spreading health issue nowadays and ever person is searching for some natural remedies. Green tea works great in controlling diabetes. Polyphenol is a specific antioxidant present in green tea that helps in curing Type 2 diabetes. It increases the secretion of insulin and reduces the glucose level that helps you to reduce the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. You need to drink 6 or more cups of green tea daily that would truly help you to reduce the diabetes symptoms. Thus you can find some nice health benefits of green tea taking care of your health.

Endorses Brain Health

Drinking a cup of green tea every day helps you to reduce the signs of cognitive impairment. Also, it helps in controlling dementia and provides protection against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. L-theanine is an important substance, which helps in better learning improving problem solving capability. Now, you can easily crack the puzzle since your brain works faster than before.

Boosts your Energy Level

It acts as a nice sports drink, which boosts up your energy. You should avoid the drinks with high amount of sugar and a cup of green tea free from sugar can be the best for you. The caffeinated drinks would give you an instant pick up but it won’t works for a longer time. Green tea gives you higher endurance and you can stay away from fatigue for quite a long time.

Get a Better Oral Hygiene

Green tea helps you to prevent gum diseases and dental cavities and thus you can keep your mouth clean. It helps you to get rid of bad breathe and now you won’t feel embarrassing. It’s a better one than chewing gum that aids you to get a fresh feel.

Improving Eyesight

Can’t see in the dark? Green tea can help you. The powerful antioxidants can penetrate the eye tissues. It works well for your retina, which is responsible for creating the visual images. Hence, you can get a clear vision that would help you to feel happy as you can move on alone without any help.

Manage Arthritis

Green tea helps you to get rid of rheumatoid arthritis. It’s an autoimmune disease, which causes soreness of joints and is too painful. With green tea, you can stay away from this nasty and stubborn disease. Apart from this, this comforting drink also helps you to get some relief from pain due to arthritis. It boosts up the immune system and thus you can feel the goodness.

Improve your Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a bad disease, which reduces your bone density. Green tea helps your bone to restore the normal functionality and thus you can work again. Moreover, you can stay away from repeated fractures that give rise to depression for the elderly people. If you want to avoid the caffeine and also want to maintain your bone health then green tea is the best option for you.

Get a Glamorous Look

You can even use green tea for skin. Everyone wants to get a glowing skin and consuming green tea helps you to get a good skin tone. It gives you a clear skin that makes you look younger. The antioxidants in green tea helps in fighting the skin aging symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles. Green tea is also proven to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays while you are going outside. People who have oily skin and are looking for a natural solution, you can try out green tea every morning. Green tea contains EGCG antioxidant, which promotes hair growth naturally. A vibrant skin tone gives you the confidence and thus you can go ahead in life achieving real time success.

Boosts Immunity

Cold and flu is a common symptom people face. Green tea improves the immune system and thus you can easily get rid of the flu signs getting back to your normal lifestyle. The signs may vary from normal allergies to multiple sclerosis. Consuming green tea helps your body to fight the bacteria, viruses and parasites causing the fever.

Helpful for People with High Blood Pressure

Green tea is really helpful to lower your high blood pressure. Four cups of green tea daily are enough to get the results and you can protect your body from the adverse effects. High blood pressure damages other organs in your body like heart, brain and kidney. However, if you drink green tea then you can avoid these risks to a great extent and thus you can know the health benefits of green tea.

Reduces High Cholesterol Level

People who are suffering from high cholesterol can try green tea and it helps you to lower the cholesterol level. It reduces the LDL cholesterol, which is the bad one damaging your heart. On the other hand, it won’t disturb the HDL cholesterol level, which is the good one.

Other Points to Know

Some people have problems digesting caffeine. If you are one of them then green tea can be your refreshing drink free from any side effects. It also helps your digestive system to function properly and thus you can enjoy life with all positive aspects. First, you can start with a single cup of green tea in the morning and gradually you can increase understanding the condition of your health.

Before you start consuming green tea, it’s better to consult with an expert knowing how many cups you have every day according to your caffeine tolerance. You can try out a nice recipe of green tea like iced green tea or you can mix it with ginger that creates a wonderful flavor along with health benefits of green tea.

Iced Green Tea Recipe

The recipe is as follows:

  • Take a pot with boiling water. Dip the tea bags and steep for 5-7 minutes.
  • Compress the tea bags gently and remove later on.
  • Next, blend it in 2 cups of cold water and add sweetener.
  • Stir it until the sweetener melts.
  • Refrigerate it for some time, put some cubes of ice and serve iced green tea.

This is a great refreshing drink in summer and thus you can explore the real health benefits of green tea. Your guests would feel happy having a cup of iced green tea, which helps them to feel revived. It would also take care of their health and they would really love this nice recipe of green tea.

If you want, you can even add some honey that adds a different flavor to the recipe. Usually, honey is used as a substitute of artificial sweetener. You can even remove sweetener from your recipe and can prepare a sugar-free drink that’s the best one for your with good health benefits of green tea.

Taken as a whole, green tea helps you to explore a superior lifestyle where everything seems beautiful and you can get the self-confidence to succeed in life.

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