We have heard of people having different phobias. Have you heard of trypophobia? Yes, it exists. It’s the fear of holes and people with this phobia get extremely afraid with certain things. Even one avoids seeing condensation on a bottle, which triggers the phobia and it’s characterized as a typical mental illness. And even the pores of a lotus flower may give him/her the creeps and thus signifies the trypophobia. About 15% of people among which 18% females and 11% males become viscerally disturbed once they see the clustered holes or bumps.

What do the researchers say?

According to the researchers, “Trypophobia is more akin to disgust than to fear, and that the disgust is probably an overgeneralization of a reaction to possible contaminants.”Arnold Wilkins, the trypophobia researcher again reveals the fact, “The disgust arises from clusters of objects, and these objects are not necessarily holes, despite the name trypophobia.”

When a person with trypophobia views an image of clustered objects their heart beat rises and it becomes more variable. Their brain starts producing vision spikes, which triggers the phobia making the mind restless.

The Interview Report

An interview was carried out with an acute trypophobiac who reveals the fear of the blue ringed octopus and they calls it as a ‘Eureka moment’ when the fear rises to it’s peak after seeing the clustered holes. They somehow get associated with the venous octopus holes due to which the fear becomes worst.

In this respect, the puffer fish also comes into the scene. Their liver and skin are highly poisonous and is considered as the second most venous vertebrate found in the Earth. The skin of puffer fish features the cluster holes and once again becomes the reason of the typical trypophobia.

Researchers are continuing the studies to find out the exact reason of this phobia and relevant diagnosis to this condition.

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